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Born out of necessity and cultivated over more than 10 years, The Wellness Edit founder Briana Buxbaum is passionate about sharing her knowledge of clean products with others.

Throughout her life, Briana has dealt with autoimmune issues. She learned early that conventional lifestyle products didn’t serve her — in fact, they only exacerbated many of her health concerns. So, she embarked on an in-depth exploration of wellness and optimal living, in hopes of addressing the root cause of her issues. 

It quickly became clear that the products we use every day are a critical component of our overall wellness. Skin is, after all, the body’s largest organ — what we come in contact with has an impact. Women receive an especially heavy dose of toxic exposure, applying an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies per day according to the Environmental Working Group. At one point, Briana realized, she was no exception. Men, though they often use fewer products, are still dangerously exposed to an average of 85 chemicals daily.

Now more than ever, we are inundated with an excess of toxins and pollutants. While some exposure is unavoidable, there is power in the choice of products you regularly apply to your body. Determined to incorporate cleaner options into her daily routines, Briana spent a great deal of personal time researching ingredients and testing alternative products. In the process, she became a resource for friends, family and colleagues seeking recommendations.

During her time as the publisher of a Dallas-based luxury lifestyle publication, Briana began to notice a positive shift in the luxury industry as a greater number of clean, efficacious and beautifully packaged brands were advertised and written about by editors. The wellness movement has gained significant momentum and an abundance of information and clean choices are now available. But this very abundance is often an overwhelming roadblock for those who don’t have time to scour resources and research products. Simple, clear and curated guidance is hard to come by.

The Wellness Edit bridges that gap. Through thoughtful consultations, Briana will help you enjoyably navigate the wellness market. Her goal? Empower you on your all-important journey toward living a clean, well-edited life — all by way of introducing you to the best clean beauty, baby and home products on the market.

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